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September 14, 2000

Watch for Gabriel Byrne to guest on an upcoming episode of "Late Show with David Letterman" on September 27th at 11:35pm eastern standard time on CBS. For ticket information, go to: . ...with thanks to Sonja Marie of the Yahoo! Club abcmadiganmen

August 29, 2000

Gabriel Byrne
quitting acting!?

According to an exclusive from Gayle Killilae of the ShowBiz Ireland News : "Gabriel has been telling pals he's thinking of giving up acting, and moving back to Dublin full-time to set up his very own movie production office."

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August 20, 2000

UK & Ireland Yahoo!
Annova Entertainment News for Sunday July 23, 10:20 AM

Comedy role for
actor Gabriel Byrne

Broody Irish actor Gabriel Byrne is set to make a TV comedy. The 50-year-old star, whose films include The Usual Suspects and End of Days, will take the lead in American series Madigan Men, his spokeswoman has confirmed.

He will be joined by British actor Roy Dotrice, whose films include The Scarlet Letter, and US sitcom veteran Kathryn Johnston, whose credits include Michael J Fox satire Spin City.

Grant Shaud, who voiced one of the animated insects in recent smash hit movie Antz, will also star.

Dublin-born Byrne, who is reportedly in talks to appear in the next Star Wars movie, will record his scenes as Benjamin Madigan in the new series between September and December. His spokesman said she could not say what the series was about.


August 11, 2000

Posted on the News section of

An Evening with Gabriel Byrne
at the Irish Arts Center

For those unable to attend the Evening with Gabriel Byrne put on by the Irish Arts Center in NYC, a video will soon be available.

The video will cost about $30 + s/h (cost may be a bit more depending on the demand).You can put in your request for the video by faxing your name and address, along with a comment that you would like to obtain a copy of the video of the Evening with Gabriel Byrne to: (212) 247-0930. According to Ms. Montauk, whom I spoke with this morning, the video is being edited and until it is ready you will not hear anything from the IAC. So patience is in order. When the order forms are set to go out (within the next few weeks), all who submitted names and addresses via fax will be contacted for credit card info. Pam


August 3, 2000

From the (American) TV Guide Insider: 
Sex for Men 

Gabriel Byrne believes that his upcoming ABC sitcom, Madigan Men, will be
the male equivalent of HBO's Sex and the City -- but with less exposed
flesh. "From my experience, I'd never seen a series that dealt with the
secret emotional lives of men," the Irish actor says. "You don't get to
hear what they're thinking."

Inspired by the candor of Sex and the City and, ironically, women's
magazines, Byrne wanted to do a show that "projected the way [I] felt
about the world." The charismatic 50-year-old says that Madigan Men is an
attempt to explore men's feelings about sex and relationships. "In the
magazines I saw," he explains, "I just wondered where do men go to discuss
these things and that's what led to the idea."

Like Byrne, who has two children with ex-wife Ellen Barkin (he calls their
split "amicable"), his character, Benjamin Madigan, is a single dad slowly
adapting to New York City's dating scene. "Like everybody else in the
universe, I have had good dating experiences and bad dating experiences,"
he says. "It's one thing to be dating when you're young... 20, 24. You're
much less guarded and more optimistic about the world and you're willing
to take a chance. When you get a little bit older, you start looking for
specifics and you say, 'I cannot survive without somebody who's reasonably
curious about the world that goes around them.'"

Still, his priority remains his kids, Jack and Romey Marion, whom he was
seated next to at Barkin's June wedding to Revlon chairman Ron Perelman.
"I'm doing a sitcom [in New York] so that I can be available to them,"
says Byrne. "And if they move... I will move with them. It is as simple as
that. I put them before my career." --Allie Cahill, TV Guide

July 29, 2000

Why is Gabriel Byrne doing a sitcom?

At the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Madigan Men's 
creator and star answered: "I got the idea for the show when I 
passed a magazine newsstand and saw what seemed
like 1,000 magazines for women, and only maybe something about
rock climbing and how to have perfect abs in a week for men.
This is a culture that does not encourage emotional express in
its men, and I thought this show would be a way to address
that." Byrne, who came first to NBC with the idea, said he had
also been inspired by Cindy Chupack's "Sex and the City." "What
'Sex and the City' does so wonderfully is it opened that secret
world of women for examination by men. It was incredibly
fascinating to men because it looked like a secret door into a
world that we knew nothing about." As for his own series, Mr.
Byrne insisted that the show would not be about stereotypes and
he railed against movies that show 60-year-old actors matched
with 20-year-old girlfriends saying he hoped Madigan Men would
have him dating women his own age. He also left the door open to
dating "chubby" characters on the show. Citing "the ridiculous
emphasis in this culture on staying thin."

As to his move from movies to television: "Movies, by and large, 
have become more formulaic and more market-driven than they ever
have been before," he points out. "There are wonderful writers
working in television superb writers and it seems to me that
the complexity of issues that are dealt with in television are
far more interesting than the formulas that movies allow." Daily News TV writer Ellen Gray quoted this ulterior motive: "Time is precious, and I want to spend that time with my children, and this allows me to do that," Byrne said of "Madigan Men," in which he'll play a New York-based architect with an Irish accent. The show will shoot in Queens. Byrne, who has two children, Jack, 10, and Romey, 7, with former wife Ellen Barkin, is moving to New York now that Barkin and the children are living there with her new hubby, billionaire Ronald Perelman. The Dublin-born Byrne, while a fan of New York, said he's prepared to follow his children wherever they move. If they were to move to Boston, for instance, he'd move there, too, he said. Byrne ended a Critics Association Press Tour session with this proverb: "Live every day as if it's your last and one day you'll be right."
March 2000 Biography

Gabriel Byrne appeared most recently in the Broadway production of A Moon for the Misbegotten along with Roy Dotrice. Byrne began his acting career with Dublin's Project Theatre, later joining the Abbey Theatre and London's Royal Court Theatre.

He made his feature film debut in John Boorman's Excalibur, then Defence of the Realm, and in 1990, made his American film debut in the Coen brothers' movie Miller's Crossing.

Since that time, Byrne has appeared in leading roles in such award-winning films as Into the West, The Usual Suspects, Little Women, in which he played opposite Winona Ryder, Smilla's Sense of Snow, Polish Wedding, and his End of Days, in which he plays Satan opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pictures in my HEAD

The Multi-Talented Gabriel Byrne

...Put pen to paper and authored Pictures in my HEAD in 1995."In vivid, cinematic sketches, he leads readers through his career from stage to screen and his current interests in diction and production, and shares his impressions of Hollywood, New York, and his native Ireland. 36 photos."

Much less is known about an out-of-print tome by Mr. Byrne with the intriguing title: Myths & Tales of Ancient Ireland

In 1996 he narrated The James Joyce Collection, "Poignant and pithy episodes from Joyce's great enigmatic works. Includes selections from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses; poems from Chamber Music; and Araby, Eveline, Clay, A Painful Case, The Sisters, An Encounter, Two Gallants and The Dead, from Dubliners. On 4 audio cassettes."


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